Incident tracking and health and safety training is a main concern for healthcare organizations in meeting compliance, but often traditional methods are employed. The problems with the traditional approach, is that paper filing and emailing is time consuming and can cause interruptions with audits. Making sure incidents are captured appropriately (whether on OSHA 300 or 300A forms, or through questions asked based on the type of incident), and that employees and managers are alerted when quizzes are scheduled or overdue, is a struggle for healthcare organizations using traditional methods that can be solved with industry leading software from ConvergePoint.


With ConvergePoint, incident tracking and health and safety training quizzes are automated through Microsoft SharePoint. Whether it is a small hospital, or large healthcare system, the incidents can be routed to the appropriate levels of management, while Active Directory is leveraged for management to oversee employee quiz results, which can even be set up by HSE teams. Audit trails allow healthcare organizations to keep track of all incidents and quizzes.


ConvergePoint’s Healthcare Safety Training Management software is scalable to your needs, user-friendly for safety training incidents, quizzes, and reporting by both IT and non-IT personnel, and is frequently updated with industry best practices for contract lifecycle management and healthcare regulations in mind.



SharePoint On-Premise Hosting Option extends your existing SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 installation for healthcare compliance management.


Let us host the turnkey solution for you securely on the cloud and get you on the path to effective healthcare compliance management.


Coming Soon! Turnkey SharePoint App that can extend your Office 365 and SharePoint Online platform for healthcare compliance management.

Submit and Review

Rules based workflow engine for custom workflows to direct safety incidents and accident reports to the people who need to alerted and review them.

Role-Based Access

Restrict policy documents to only people who need to have access to them.

OSHA 300 & 300A Automation

Reduce time spent on filling out OSHA forms by hand with ConvergePoint’s automated forms and reports.

Central Location

Employees access and easily find up-to-date policies and procedures from one central location.

Safety Policy and Procedure Attestation

Track that employees have understood safety policies and procedures.

Safety Policy Attestation Quizzes

Test employees on any or all of your safety policies with custom quizzes.