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Conflict of Interest Disclosures are becoming more of a concern due to healthcare reforms, and are not projected to decrease in priority or importance in the years to come. To begin with, the Sunshine Act, CMS Guidelines, NIH and Anti-Kickback laws provide enough requirements and penalties for non-compliance to prioritize the automation and organization of conflict of interest disclosures. Making sure time and effort is logged, and that appropriate the appropriate executives are involved in approving conflict reports is a struggle for healthcare organizations using traditional methods such as paper assessments and email collections. With ConvergePoint, custom conflict of interest disclosure surveys are sent out to the appropriate employees as they on-board, and as they are required by the healthcare organization. Whether it is a small hospital, or large healthcare system, the conflict responses are routed to the appropriate managers and executives for single or multi-level approvals, as well as voting on appropriate courses of action for the individual employee, while leveraging Active Directory through SharePoint.  Audit trails allow you to keep track of all notes and survey results for each conflict, and the robust features make this an ideal solution for healthcare. For example: multiple response options such as multiple choice and open text responses, you can list out which medical facilities a conflict would be present with, or allow your physicians to manually note any additional facilities they are affiliated with.


ConvergePoint’s Healthcare Conflict of Interest Management software is scalable to your needs, user-friendly for conflict submissions, approvals, task completions, and reporting by both IT and non-IT personnel, and is frequently updated with industry best practices for contract lifecycle management and healthcare regulations in mind.



SharePoint On-Premise Hosting Option extends your existing SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 installation for healthcare compliance management.


Let us host the turnkey solution for you securely on the cloud and get you on the path to effective healthcare compliance management.


Coming Soon! Turnkey SharePoint App that can extend your Office 365 and SharePoint Online platform for healthcare compliance management.

Submit and Review

Rules based workflow engine for custom workflows to direct conflict of interest submissions to the people who need to review and approve them.

Role-Based Access

Restrict policy documents to only people who need to have access to them.


Allow multiple executives to suggest appropriate actions for employee COIs.

Search and Reports

Easily find approved policies and procedures with powerful search options.

Central Location

Employees access and easily find up-to-date policies and procedures from one central location.

Real-Time Dashboards

Track employee statistics, tasks, and visual reports around COIs.

COI Management Auditing

Log all surveys, responses, suggested actions, tasks, and recurrences per employee.

Event-Based Alerts

Be notified when you have a task to complete for a conflicts has been updated.